Sunday, 2 October 2011

5 ingredients for happiness

You know like the Government, and Health Organisations recommend 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day. Well remember I met Nic Marks last week? I thought I'd just follow it up with an insight into what he's on about. I do hope he gets in touch and wants to use me as an example. I supposed I should be a little hurt, by s'one wanting to use me, because in their eyes I am the epitome of society's image of a woman whose got every reason to be very sad!! But because on a daily basis i practise 5 of the following things, I'm not. I happen to be happy.
1) CONNECT: I exchange meaningful feelings, of gratitude.
2)BE ACTIVE: I cycle, most days, and exercise my dog, at least, twice a day.
3))TAKE NOTICE: I am alert(most of the time) taking notice of bulletins, conversations.
4) KEEP LEARNING: I need too ;)
5) GIVE: If you aint got a lot of cash, give time.

He did recognise that I had a sense of humour!! Which until 5years ago I wasn't really confident enough to share with strangers. I know it's hard to believe!! Me!! who readily discuss' my 'Cycle'

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