Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pete's A Star

I forgot to mention, on Monday, with my Make up and Hair do, and pinching pretty frock. (the Palace one!!) I cycled back from the hair dressers, like a Tart. Only for my dress to get tangled in the chain on Ziggy, causing the chain guard tube thing to ride up and get all gnarled up, on the sprocket!! Anyway, I just forgot about it yesterday, remembering this morning, when I realised I'd got my annual inoculation, against Flu. I just happened to mention, a little bit like a damsel in distress :) Ziggy was poorly, to Pete my neighbour, who came round unscrewed something and fed the casing back towards the rear. Tightened it up again and Hey Presto! I was back in business. x

I can't go out without attracting lots of attention?? I do love it really I mustn't grumble, I'd grumble more if no one ever noticed me. Anyway, I've forgotten the chaps name now, but we had a right long chat about my cycle Oooooh and his!!

Had my jab, only a little prick :)

Cycled back, and boy I'd forgotten just how hard it is to Cycle the school run. Because tonight was Parent Evening. So off I set, thankful for knowing Pete.
I was told off a bit by Mrs Wile man, for keeping Finn up too late.

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