Friday, 21 October 2011


I'm really sorry Kevin, I have tried so hard to load the advert for the Inclusive Cycling Event on Friday the 28th of October in Oxford. It really sounds like it's gonna be fab, so I can bet my life you're involved.

Regarding the ICF meet on the 5th, I still can't say for definite, as I have no sponsor now for all the 'nice' things. Anyway isn't it at St Paul's where all the riots are going to be I don't doulbt? And there is a tiny question of my children?

My leg aches, it's defiantly to do with my socks though. I've got an appointment for the Drs on Monday! I know, it's stunning that it's so quick! I normally have 5 days to wait. My tummy aches, but that's a normal expectant thing, or the opposite to being expectant!!

I still feel mightily hung o'r from Monday, or s'things else is up. I'm not my usual positive self.

Oooh Sheffield Telegraph phoned this morning, and are doing a feature on the Story I wrote and read, at Headlines Launch. I expected the interest to be in the writing group, but that's not the case. They were interested in My old Dad, and his Bench and Ecclesall Woods. I put the phone down, and The Yorkshire Post called, but this time they wanted to know about the Writing group.

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