Friday, 21 October 2011


I was actually dreading yesterday, because I'd get to hear about 'The Lovely Morris' whom we all miss like hell!! And I had a fear that they would want to give him back, and well , just how f* up would he be, getting passed on again?

So it was with a glum face and feelings of trepidation, that I greeted everyone on Thursday. OOoops plus embarrassment! many of the folk had seen me at The Launch on Monday, when I got very drunk and fell asleep in my curry!

Cycle For Health Arrived, and the group seems to grow each week, although it is the last week next week. Steven, his Physio, and his Carer arrived, again. It's always such a pleasure helping him to get started on his TMX because I can see the absolute pleasure he gets from it. And it gets easier every time, he is becoming more able to position and swing his legs (or we are I'm not sure which)

Speedy Sean, didn't show this week, which was probably just as well. The 2 Sues sauntered around the park, on the side by side, loving the very frosty but sunny day.

My fave group Autism Plus showed, so I separated the court with brightly coloured cones. So we didn't disturb CFH. I was very low, they didn't make me smile like they usually did, I've got to confess. I zoomed off to LIlies. on the butty run, to fetch Dave and I's Sandwich.

On my return, Dave was here (my contact with Morris) Phew, I felt massive relief as he told me things hed been up to. Although he still had insatiable energy levels. And did familiar things like nip when HE wanted to play!! It sounded like he was being loved? So I did feel a little better. Apart from (nowt to do wi Morris) but my left lower leg, is aching!! it's really weird, but it actually feels bruised?? on the outside? but I ain't had any trauma with it. It's been like it for a week. And I do think it s'think to do with my support sock? or the pressure in my leg? Sorry to digress.

I called in to see Mum, on the way back. And stayed about 30mins, but it is difficult having a one way conversation. Even for me!!

I cycled back, which does not hurt my leg at all, but neither does the impact of walking, it's just external pressure. Anyway, I've actually booked an appointment at my GPs!!

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