Thursday, 6 October 2011

Quickie :)

Fortunately Nick took the batten off me, with regard Nhs delegates visiting Hillsborough, to discuss raising funds.

Steven came today for the first time after his Social Worker had recommenced it (i must find out who she is)

Lawrence returned :)but I'm not sure whether he joined CFH or Cycling For All, because he was there at 10 and looking comfy, when I left at 2. As was Sean, he is a usual for lunch now, along with his carer. He makes me smile, singing in an operatic voice, how I sounded like a 'Green Bird'??? What's a green bird?

Russel got out his spam collection again!! much to the amusement of everyone!!

I do hope John Boileau gets in touch.

Zest want to quote me !!!! So I agreed, as long as they put in about Cycling :)

And Wheels For Wellbeing are starting up a new website, called Disability Cycling. Since when has Cycling ever been Disabling? I will still try and support it though!!

I've sold 26 copies of Headlines, but unfortunately, urm.... I ha vent kept the money!! but I did find most of it. Matt dropped me off another 10 today, because I'm off to Brokwood tomorrow.

I called to see my Mum, who slept, and then cycled back in the most torrential rain.

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