Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I forgot to mention this

There is a 'meet' on the 27th of October, for some 'Off Road Inclusive Cycling' at Hicks Lodge in Leceister/Derbyshire? I'm not sure who to contact other than Cycling Projects and Bike Club?

Mmmm, let me think what have I been upto? I was asked to attend a meeting at SS in Sheffield. And I have to say they were very Politically Correct, when I asked them which catogeraphy they put the brain injured folk? Their reply was a lot come under physical, and all come under cognitive. Oh and the main theme of the meet was actively only promote, those Services which used Co production. And their was talk of publicity drives for business' that want to effectively use Co Production.

I got home and thought about it, and a more successful Partnership than Hillsborough and Myself it would be hard to find. So maybe that will lead to some publicity, although at the moment Hillsborough, doesn't charge for any cycle training.

Ooooh Tuesday, began as every morning does at the moment with me and my son taking Morris on the Park at 645am.

And you know how obliging and nice I am? (not like that....enough ;) Well it was the first time I'd met 'Headway' since they didn't show for their Cycling Session at Hillsborough, and they obviously didn't realise? that we were expecting s'one, or at least a phone call, to say that lots of young people, didn't want to learn a way of using personal mobility to get about? When I asked what happened on the 8th of Sept, the reply was they couldn't force members to cycle!! They might possibly use a story opposite to my Wellbeing story about 'The Bench' with Cycle Trainers........Stop !! I might get prosecuted for slander!!:D

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