Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Brockwood :)

I had my nearly teenage daughter and her mates round last night to stop o'r. Now this is conceited of me I know, but I do enjoy the challenge of educating them very subtley about how bonkersly normal brain injured folk can be. And I'm happy to say they think I'm well cool because of Ziggy. Of course they were all especially interested in my RTA because of their mate Charlie :( Four rounds of eggy bread and beans for the guests, all the washing moved on a stage in the dirty....washed.....dried.....folded....put away process, and my taxi arrived to take me to work, happy in the knowledge that my kids were shared equally between their friends.

I can't tell you the amount of times I've told my Personal Story for folk, and it's not that I fib or even embelish parts, it's just that I seem to forget bits s'times, and sometimes I don't. But a big HELLO, if I met you today, good luck, and why not use Hillsborough as a preventative measure, it could lead to so much more as I discovered.

Hey, I was bored yesterday, I hate been bored...whilst opening m,ail I came accross a letter from Motability, asking me to take advantage of their car hirwe scheme. As I say, I was bored. So I sent them an email asking why they didn't promote pedal trikes bla, bla. Anyway I got a phone call tonight from Motability, saying how fantastic my story was.....but basically NOT for them :( I did kinda try, and I did get on with the Mineon who phoned me.

I'm at Hillsborough tomorrow, how embarrasing I will see Fred and Lawrence, the last time we met they bundled me into a taxi, after my face first tricks into my curry. Then Mums, cycle home, I hope I don't need any lights!! eek. Then remember Lorraine? Who I met a Brockwood a few weeks ago? we're meeting at the spit. My children? who knows....:).....I do actually, they are staying at my bruvs for the night.

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  1. Not just Motability mate - Low Carbon Vehicle Fund - fails to have any option to fund the real Low Carbon vehicles which are faster and cheaper, and better size for making deliveries around the town.

    Did I send the note about a session of hand wringing and wondering how costs might be saved and services simplified if Dial a Ride, Taxi, Social Work, NHS, &c vehicles & drivers could be properly integrated - completely misses the thought of making it possible for more people to be able to get to the regular bus and train services on adapted cycles.

    Give a Plug to get down to the newly opened Monsal Trail Tunnels and great project that my old boss John Grimshaw is heading the work on. See and for those in SHF / S Yorks PTE who read this lets get working to get cycles on board the 280 (TM Travel - Transdev) so you can nip down to try out the trails. If the 280 is subsidised service it's simples just add cycle carriage as part of the contract.