Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Radio Sheffield.....but not me

Matt Colbeck, and fellow brain injury survivor/writer, of Blue Polystyrene shoes the best story in the Anthology ,in my opinion, were on my fave DJs Rony Robinsons show this morning. And Matt spoke of the uplifting story of rehab through cycling, I guess that's mine then? :) thanks Matt for that. x

I'm working at Brockwood tomorrow, which I love.

I was Mother Theresa last night, and looked after my little boys STEP brother overnight. I know I astound myself at times!!

Forgot all my heartfelt love and best wishes for a full recovery too my daughters 'boyfriend' (one of a few!!) who fell off his BMX at 'Chain Breakers' bike jumps made from piles of mud, (you know the sort?) Now this happened about 6 weeks ago, and he's been in an induced coma ever since, well until a week ago. After a series of joyful phone calls, my girl and mates paid him a visit today, and they were very shocked. I'm not gonna get into the helmet/no helmet argument, but definitely when stunt riding. He's 12 is in a wheelchair, has no front teeth, had 2 fractured eye sockets. And no ones really sure about the long term prognosis, they say it's too soon. But evidently his short term memory, is non exist ant. I don't know if a helmet would have helped, but I think common sense says it would.


  1. Injuries are more in line with a serious face plant, which only a full face Darth Vader job would prevent and then that would probably be so heavy and rigid it would protect your face but be a dead cert to break your neck instead, unless of course you then include an upper body and neck brace, by which time you might as well go the full works and tog up like a Cyberman.

    He sounds very lucky as from the description of damage he gave the ground a big kiss at well over 10mph.

    Be thankful that for most of the time the sort of damage kids do to themselves riding bikes serves a valuable purpose in teaching them what happens when you mix speed, showing off, and silly stunts, before they are given the chance to try it with a car. At 6 weeks there will be a lot a young body can do to fix itself. When I kissed a car and fractured my jaw, cheekbone, elbow and rearranged my teeth, it was a long haul.

    I managed not to lose weight whilst working out some amazing liquidised recipes to suck through my wired up teeth, and swore (as best I could) at the incompetence of the hospital catering in delivering soup-like meals that congealed as they cooled blocking the gaps I needed to suck them through. 6 pints of milk plus Complan supplement per day, seemed to be about right.