Saturday, 29 October 2011


Ghosties and goulies and things that go bump!! in the night. That's what tonight was supposed to be about, or should I say 9 big bumps for my son. Who celebrated his b'day. I usually get depressed on his b'day because it is a lot to do on my own, arrange a party, Halloween, bonfire night and my daughters b'day. All in the space of 2 weeks. But apart from being a bit mardi because our son was too tired for football. My ex proved to be exemplary, by taking control of most things, which, I know is s'thing I grumble about, (when folk try to take control) but as I really didn't have cash or energy I welcomed it. But saying that tonight was my children, and I, Pete, next doors children and Ok, Ok Mark brought all the youngsters home.

So my children ate like kings, and I said yes ok, it's fine to have double gammon and egg!! (with ££ signs totting up in my eye balls) But Whats done is done. And it 'got me out', folk always say that to me, as if I'm some kind of knee hugging window lick er!!

Hey but I cycled there and back, not too far!! but it's a right pain because I ain't got any lights so I crawl metaphorically speaking along the pavement, but there's no street lights either!!!! So now I'm home, Pete's gone home bless. And I am left to go melancholic about the last 9 years, I can honestly say, I only regret 16months of that. And they were the months I spent wasting my tears, when their Dad traded me in for a younger, prettier looking bird, whose about as interesting as.........she evokes no image :)


  1. Cheer up kid - had uplifting news from a Leicester dad who's finally begun to crack his access block, so hope for me yet, to spend some decent time with my kids. Always seems to be a raw deal for all concerned.

  2. No lights!?!?!

    Get thee to a Halfords!



  3. No ooooo the Bike Tree tomorrow, on my way to Mums. x

  4. Are things looking up Dave? They are for me today.


  5. Not quite yet - missing some payments will cop a fine or two because someone else hasn't paid me a rather large sum in time.

    But it is hardly something to rant and rave about

    Both parents died at end of October, and its the echo of the Wedding anniversary. Something tells me that Samhain is a portentious time for me. Not sure if I should be digging up my forebears for the annual all souls party or sacrificing a virgin or two - figuratively that is. Trouble is you can never find one when you want one and then 3 come along at the same time...... all in a big bunch