Monday, 30 July 2012

Shake Ass!!!

I've done nowt, well cycled to the Chippy, to get mi tea and a bottle of wine. Which I won;t drink all at once....honest.

Had to contribute a meaty bit of  theory today, about Co-Production for theExecutive Management Team. of Sheffield Health and Social Care. I very quickly did it, and sent it. And I'm still not sure what anyone thought of it? But I stole the well used quote 'Make no decision, about me, without me!!!'

When I very briefly had words with Steve M last week, at Hillsborough. He had said that it was his intention to take Dave Brenon, Graham, Pam and myself out for lunch, this week. Well logistics, and lives go on, and I knew priorities would slip. So this morning I organised it and told him where it was!!!So this Wednesday at Endcliffe Park, we are meeting for lunch. :)

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