Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fantastic Day!!

I absolutely loved it at The National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medcine - Working For Health & Wellbeing.

 I was collected at 9.30 am, as we were having a meeting on the train, by the most straight talking no B* type of Director, you could ever meet. His name? Chris Shaw, I was a little anxious, about spending 11hours with a Guy, I didn't know? But I needn't have worried, the conversation flowed easily.

Sheffield will be given £10 million by the government to develop a centre of excellence for sporting medicine, it was announced by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.
The funding for Sheffield is intended for the development of one of three hubs around the country, which together will form the country’s first ever National Sports and Exercise Medicine Centre of Excellence. The Health Secretary made the announcement today while visiting one of the network partners, Loughborough University..

In addition the Government has promised 5 x that amount. Because it recognises that it has to invest and create to Save, if that makes sense.  And all the other parties have agreed to this, should there be a change. :) 

The event had been on all day, and was quite Dry and Theory based, and then it was Sheffield's turn. 'Ey Up' Ollie Hart said (the GP from Sheffield) 'I'm sorry about the Track suit'. As he stood there in front of lot's of 'Twin Sets and Pearls' and 'Men in Suits'. I've just Cycled to the Train Station, and thought it appropriate, for the event. And I'm here to support Community involvement, to explain better is Caroline our very own Torch Bearer. And that was my cue, to lallop? down the stairs, to the platform. Urrrrrrr, I started to prespire (true to my name) glanced quickly about the expectant audience.....nowt......I darted a glance at Ollie, who said You tell em, about your visits to see your GP. And that was it, he'd released the pressure valve!! I just spoke for about 10 mins, telling the crowd,  and the board, I had sufficiant evidance and knew exactly what to spend 50 million on. And they should give it me!!! I got a massive round of applause. I beamed like a Cheshire Cat, and returned to my seat.

On the return journey, Chris and I had to sit in those flop out seats near the doors. Because like a true man from 'down t pit' he wouldn't spend Public money on 1st Class travel. And we were only given permission, because I played the disability Card!!

Ey, we even stopped at chippy, for Cheese and Cips that I took home to share with my daughter.

For all you dog lovers, Holly went to Erin Hounds.

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