Thursday, 19 July 2012

I'm back!!!

Durrrr.... I 4got I'd had to change my password again, because it wouldn't let me access my blog???? Don't ask??? I'm easily confused!!1

An insurers nightmare!!! ooooops!!! I've done it again, or circumstances have done it again, my dishwasher has been flooding for about 3 years??? soaking the kitchen  floor and soaking the joists. Which means I've got to have my entire laminate floor on the ground floor replaced again!!!

View Photo0261.jpg in slide show Awww, has anyone had the pleasure of meeting Mark Smith??? from Derby Well I met him 3months ago in Cornwall, and he was very interested,  in starting s'thing similar to Cycling 4 All.

And I did try my hardest to be sweet and gushing but my swollen and sore tummy, made me a bit of a moaning minnie I had a gift for Steve too, an official photo of me carrying the torch, and the crowds, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He's putting it on his office wall, he promises!!

And it's just ty[pical, we were so busy last week, but this week only Marjorie and Barry came and a lady called Sue for the Specialised Cycles. But C4H came as normal, and the mental health group, reinforcing the 'All Inclusive bit of Thursdays.    

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