Saturday, 21 July 2012

Quietly Chaotic!!

I've sunk into the depths of despair and lethargy. I know how to get out of this, but I'm afraid I am past the point, of actually doing it. Instead I let my brain convince me that I'd prefer to have a nap and keep snuggled. Or that s'thing terrible will happen to me if, I don't look on Ebay, or check my emails.....again. Poor Holly dogs gone into a big depression also, so feeling sorry for her, I took her to my bed last night in my drunkerd stupour!! Mmmmm she repaid me by Pooing all over the stairs, which I slipped in this am!! So she's going in her crate tonight, for definate, and I'm not looking at her Puppy eyes!! I think she's missiong the kids also.

Tomorrow, I'm actually doing s'thing for Totley, remember the Farmers Market? Where I gave out some leaflets on Cycle 4 Health. Well there's another one tomorrow, and I asked Totley Residents, if they wasnted me to bring my Torch, and folk have their Pic taken, and donate a pound. It goes towards Xmas Dinner for the Elderly and lonely, who reside in the area.

I don't know if folk are still into it though?

Hey aren't we doing well in The Tour De France??

I know tomorrow is a forn=mality but.....

Did any of you CTC members get Cycle Magazine? Apparently the article I wrote is in. But unfortunately my subscription has bounced, so I don't know????

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