Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mmmmmmm Curry!!

My friend Paul, brought his Son for a Picture opportunity with myself and the Torch. (hey, I never tire of it!!) Paul actually came to Conisborough, on June the 26th. And was lucky enough to find me (my other friend from Leeds, saw s'one else carrying the Torch, after waiting about an hour!!) Anyway..... I dashed out on Ziggy inbetween downpours, with my children and enjoyed the fresh air, the humidity does seemed to have cleared a bit.

We enjoyed a fantastic gorgeous meal at The Mohul. Except for Finn, who didn't enjoy it second time round, about an hour later!! He's ok now though :) just in time for school.

I'm getting all anxious now, about what to wear on Tuesday???

- I'm still wearing the yellow band they clipped on my wrist to show, that 've bought my Olympic Torch. I'm a rite Saddo!!!

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