Thursday, 26 July 2012

It's official

I deliberately aint put the graph up, because I didn't want to upset Dave, but I've just seen this graph, that says the most common cause of a Head Injury is a car crash at 49% and get this :) Equal to walking is Cycling at just 1%!!!!

Had a strange one at Hillsborough today, Cycling 4 All wasn't on :( because Steve thinks it's too dangerous, with the Park been so full. I still sneaked off wi Marj!! and did 15 laps of the tennis and ball courts!! But you must understand that was before I knew he didn't want us to ride;)


  1. Quite often things get called off on 'safety' grounds because of limitations in management (too many people - not enough supervision) sometimes it seems like an easy way out, but you'll know if the efforts have been made to deliver and just not found enough resources.

  2. When you quote figures it really needs a reference point. If this was a chart of the head injuries (total) at a local hospital and 49% were in car crashes it would look a bit different if 49% of the total incidents dealt with were car crashes and 1% were cycle crashes.

  3. Ok darl, I've asked the source to provide info.

    As for Hillsbro, I'm happy :)

  4. Its from a German research institute founded by Chancellor Herman Kohl's late wife (she killed herself - but her story is staggering tale of survival).

    So did you stay Up and watch on Friday?

    Folk are tweeting big hug for mark Cavendish!