Monday, 25 March 2013

Snow bound :(

Is Snow bound, the same as Egg Bound??? :) ie it keeps it all in??

I don't like the snow especially when it freezes in rutted treacherous moon like creators, up my garden path. And in fact all down the drive, :( Life's not good.

We have all been quite poorly, I don't know what with but I kinda refused some more Anti bio tics today, and asked the gp, to ensure that I had some Paracetamol, so I could monitor my temp. Which reminds me she hasn't done??? I try to make things easy for some folk!! Was she humouring me????!!!!I told her the implications of me getting a temperature (seizures) so I thought that wouldn't be a problem.  Luckily, I asked my ex to fetch me some on his way home from the hospital!!! Where 'Our' son, had been...another story. He's been to the Drs 3 times, and hospital twice! And they can't find out why he has 'croup' like symptoms. Thing is he fine and happy and bla.........yuk!!!!Class!!!! He's just told me how his Dad took, him out in his new Q8 car....??? and when they had stopped at the shops, Finn stayed in the back, comfy on the suede upholstered seats, and you guessed it!!!! but he caught it in his hands....yuk!! And bailed it out of the window!!

Apparently there were 35 folk, went to C4A last Thursday despite it being freezing, and despite having to pay.  And the team managed fine without me :( although I was missed by the Marj' of the world. 

I didn't eat or drink for 36hours over the weekend. I felt awful.

I'm feeling a bit better.

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