Saturday, 9 March 2013

Thursday the 7th of March.

Guess what I want?

The Launch

Well the weather was cold and dull, but at least it didn't really rain or snow! But it was a bit chilly.

It was great being back, seeing all the usual suspects. The Marjorie and Barry's of this world :) Who were very pleased to be back, and I've missed them it's bizarre I know, but I get an incredible buzz, knowing that they enjoy the ride. And just maybe Barry who is Marj' main carer. Gets a bit of respite and gets his strength back till next time.

Alan returned, I'm not sure he will be back though, he was the only person out of 35, who minded the fact that he was going to have to pay, just a £5 for a couple of hours. Everyone else really did not have a problem. We listened to every ones thoughts though, and the Individuals who come? can just pay £5 cash. The organisations and schools, will pay every 4 weeks into Heeley Development Trusts bank account. Because they now own the Cycles, and pay Steve and Graham a wage.

The side by side Tandem Hand Cycle got it's virgin launch. Well it's first proper use, by a woman who'd originally come to The Book Launch that I did, back in 2012! She said she will definitely be back!! I do hope so, she did a couple of Kilo Metres, which is quite hard for me, with the Hand Cycle. But her and her friend had no trouble.

Another 2 beginners were lovely young women, who had received an electronic flyer from Sheffield Centre for Independent Living. It was the one of Zara and myself on the side by side. They were fantastic, 'Go 4 It ' types, who had mildish Autism. They loved life, and cycled many times around the park. They kept stopping to play on the climbing ropes!!and climb trees etc.

Lawrence returned, which was nice, and I thought he looked really well.

Poor Graham, deserved a medal, because he helped Steve, even though he had the heaviest cold, in the world. And he was so considerate, because he stayed outside, so he wouldn't spread germs. So I kept him stocked up with hot tea.

What does everyone think of the name 'Joyriders' for the Project?

I thought brilliant at first. But now I'm wondering? is it a bit like 'Sunshine Variety'? buses. And does it need to be more explanatory in it's name?

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