Saturday, 2 March 2013

Poor Queenie

I'd hate to be the Queen. When quite literally you can't fart, without the world knowing! Poor thing, I mean, us common folk,  would simply call in work, and go back to bed with a hot water bottle. And I bet there is some poor child who was chosen, to give the Queen flowers and curtsy,who is distraught today, because Queenie farted, and followed through!!

I spent the day, protesting about how it really wasn't very convenient to have my sons friends round today. But why wasn't it? I hadn't got owt on, so I sucommed, and became a snarling and growling Mary Poppins. I nipped to the shops on Ziggy, with Holly trotting along beside me, I don't like the fact that oncoming traffic seems to expect me, to run her over. As apposed to them pulling in for 2m!!!!

I glimpsed at the weather forecast for Thursday (C4A launch) It's forecast rain :( But who knows?

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