Friday, 22 March 2013

Awwww poor Lisa Lynch

When I first started blogging, I had a nosey at what other folk were reading, and some of you (2) were reading this. I became a follower, but over the years, i've just popped in on you occasionally Lisa. And laughed at you trying wigs on and bras! does that make me a sicko? I don't think so because it was your intention, as you tried to make the 'Bullshit' a little easier to bare. I hope it was perfect for you in the end. I will think of you often. xxx

I cried yesterday, as Community Transport let me down, again. Thing is Daisy forgot to mention it to me until 8am.

My children were both off sick anyway, so it would have been difficult. But it is my intentions to Cycle/Train/Tram/another tram/ walk and borrow a trike whilst i'm there!!It sounds mad but I think it would only take me about 45mins. So thanks for that then Dave, but I aint done it yet.

We've got the gorgeous Robbie dog tonight. :) 

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