Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I 4got!!

To tell you about Carsington!!.

Well we were collected at 10am by David aged 51, and single ;) I didn't push it, at all because I'm feeling unattractive, fat, and a bit ill. And I'm really missing Nigel, I just need to bounce ideas off him. I sooo took him for granted

I'ts his funeral tomorrow.

Back to Carsington.....I fell off a 2 wheeler twice!! both times when I had to slow, to manover. Luckily I'd taken Ziggy, soooo I huffed anmd puffed trying to keep up with my kids. Finn on his Mongoose and Daisy on her pedal assist bike which we had hired. The sun was splitting the sky, it was gorgeous weather :)

And Rob, I didn't get chance to try the Cafe, long story, but I only made it half way round, and rather than pursue on, we headed back because we knew the terrain.

It was a very funny day, very bonding.  

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