Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Me and my big mouth!!

The other week, whilst talking with a very senior person whose extremely important, but who won't let me names drop him at all :( Do you think I embarrass him? :) He claims not! I happened to mention how I think employment, and sickness and disability, could be improved. Anyway he told me to go away and start the process, and he would support me all the way!! It's really scary!!

Monday morning was ace, I had a lay in bed :) (I don't have the kids on Sunday nights) Took the dog in the woods tied to the back of Ziggy (i love that) It was very muddy. My taxi arrived, and off I went for a swim :) So I was very refreshed for my ground breaking ??? idea, for righting employment issues, with the brain injured any how.

I'm not silly though, I do understand that at the moment I am a very cheap and positive way to demonstrate co production.  And my ideas Might work???

Like an ass, I forgot clean dry underwear!! So I ended up bra-less and knicker less, whist delivering my plans for the future!! 'Tits out' but no not really.

I bumped into Alan from Cycling 4 All, on the Tesco Bus, and he's so excited about it starting again on the 7th of March. He got me all giddy, thinking of it :) So much so that I rang Steve. Who has agreed to take Richards place as my trusted cleaner/pa!! I'm kinda nervous about Steve seeing what I keep in my knicker drawer!!! :D......socks of course

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