Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hi folks!!

Well, I'm ok, a bit pissed, and when I'm not invigourated by my latest conspiracy whichj combines the council the BIRC, ASC, Job centre plus, the universities and PCT. which is Me, in all of them.

About a week ago I sent off an email to the above, stating that they all wanted the same, so why couldnt thery share recourses etc Or was I just stating the very obvious!!! Anyway unsuprisingly I didnt hear a dicky bird!! I thought shit, i've really offended folk!!! But apparently not and 2 of the parties want me to fix up a date, for them to meet!! So hey ho!! :)

Life aint as easy without Nigel West. He was like 'Father Remus'???Suitably he died in India.

His funeral is at Abbey Lane Cemetry, on Feb 21st, at 11.00 and then after at The Circle in town.....I keep trying to tell myself, that it's a celebration  of a wonderful guys life. But then I get sdelfish, and wish he was still here.

Thanks Dave. x

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