Sunday, 17 February 2013


As i don't have many folk reading anymore, I expect I've spoken to most of you? So you will know that sadly Steve Marsden, has lost his job. Well in actual fact it had run it's extra year, and that comes to an end at the end of March.

I met him on Friday, and cried!! He had been! but I think put on a brave face for me. Who's job it was to secure funding, or start the implementation of a cycle hire, with support thrown in. I'm not too sure, but he'd got lots of ideas but it's all too late!!

We got an invite from Sustrans, to a Celebration Party at Westminster, I declined. And Steve said he had other plans??? I don't think either of us feel like it's been much of a success.

The invite from Sustrans, had no contact details???? which baffled me a bit?? So I just wrote to a general email addy, thanking them but declining their invite. Saying I didn't feel like celebrating.

I also wrote to Nick Clegg, I don't supposed, that will do any good, but I have to try s'thing.

What a glorious day it was for a ride/skid in the mud with Holly dog, attached to Ziggy, in the woods.


  1. Probably sounds better to say that the funding for Steve's job ran out, and as you say at present it looks as if he may still be 'working' with you unpaid if it stacks-up, until he finds new paid work.

    Have you spoken to Rony R about how an income stream might be developed? Or even the guys at Heeley, after all someone there could think outside the box and pull in number of different forms of support, and then wrap it up into a bundle that worked.

    Does the Leonard Cheshire, or other organisation have a site which might benefit from having Wheels for All based there?

  2. No, butC4A, have a couple of schools that pay them already (quite well) and last nite I suggested that Steve look into, taking the cycles to Homes for the elderly as well, and othes places, just like Cheshire Homes.

    the trouble with cheshire homes is that it's on the steepest hill!!