Monday, 18 February 2013

I am trying!!!!!

Some might say very trying!! I sent a text today suggesting that the very select few (2) schools? Who pay for C4A to come to them. Be extended to include any Halls of Residence, like Henliegh Hall, for example, where my Mum spent the last year of her life.Or Hospices, and Dave came up with a top suggestion, of Cheshire Homes! It is a shame that they are on a right hill. But I think I will pay them a visit, this week.

But not tomorrow, because My children are mortified, but excited they are coming on 'the window licking bus'. And we are going to Carsington Water, for the day. Where Daisy and I have booked an electric Cycle!! and Finns taking his Mongoose, I am also taking Ziggy, b ecause It's quite probable, that I won't last very long on the one that I'm hiring. But it's all very exciting!!

Anyway I received a text back (i imagined it was curt - is that the right word?) explaining that the project was closed.

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  1. Let me know what the cafe is like at Carsington - it is only 'around the corner' from here but I've not been yet...