Saturday, 2 February 2013

Are all men shallow? Surely not.

I'm NOT after compliments here! Just incase you, thought I was trying to contrive some sort of response. For various reasons, I have laid low (not literally!!) on the dating scene, for a while now prefering to wait and see rather than seek it, and be disappointed. And men love me for a laugh and a joke, and they all coment about what an interesting life, I have. But on New Years Eve I was overlooked, because my friends weren't disabled? were slimer? - debatable? But I don't think they were funnier, or more interesting? And remember Pat off the tesco bus??? He's been in touch, and why???? Because he wanted to know how Julie was and if she was dating anyone!!

I'm sad again now, I thought I could live with rejection, but not, over and over again.


  1. Think of it another way. If you don't date you never get dumped.