Monday, 22 November 2010

In Demand

I spent an hour and a half, advising an old 'friend' about SDS, and my Individual Budget. He knew me, when I went about on a mobility scooter, and really scrimped having to pay for disability services out of my House hold Income. He finds the transition in my personality, truelly amazing but recognises, that it's a mixture of things that have done it.

I zoomed down to my Mums in the torrential rain, I do love cycling in the rain. I say to myself, all the time 'You nust really love cycling, to be out in this' But thing is I really do!!!

Called in to see my Mum, who was delighted, because it was a total suprize. I made all the Carers laugh, with stories of how Mum, used to boss the huge 'scarey' men about on the psychiatric ward, we used to work on.

I met David Qualter, who asked me lots of stuff around SDS Budgets, and the innovation fund. He's a keen cyclist so I let him have a wizz round the park on Ziggy.

Thing is if I'm advising the folk who deliver, the welfare support that I do need? Well it just doesn't follow? I'm telling them how to make a successfull bid, and all that?????? I'm not sure about lots of things I got all excited about, and said yes.

I did advise both guys to go on a training course, I've helped plan, and will be co delivering, in January.


  1. David Qualter who he? Caseus mangnum?

    As well as handing out that advice have you done the homework I set you? No - why not? I expect a report on the Multistorey car parks in Central SHF on Monday, and we might take a spin in to SHF if times work out right.

    I might be able to do the run in from the South via Grindleford and 2 shots of Totley Tunnel.

    Funnily enough a lot of us prefer cycling on wet roads it is especially nice just after a summer shower as the latent heat of evapouration cools the air beautifully, the water absorbs the CO2 and other soluble exhaust gases, keeps the dust down and I believe it makes the wheels roll more easily as it lubricates the surfaces. I've only been seriously soaked twice in around 40 years of cycling around as my mode of transport, proving that it never rains really seriously in the UK.

    So are you going to try out your teaching skills on me sometime? Nothing beats selling the product when you're using it yourself.

    Beware the convert - they make the greatest evangelists.

    Are you going to nip up the hill to see Leonard for me? Definitely a case for MD there.

  2. It's Steve M and Ed, you need to talk to about car parks, they run the BMX club, called The last Saturday Club. And they tour round with BMXs in a van.

    I actually thought you meant the template?

    Leonard Cheshire??? He's on my list.

    C x

  3. I imagine the water collects mor when sitting on a recumbent.