Saturday, 21 May 2011


I read my 'lil' boy the riot act, as I loosened those Apron Strings, 'You must Stay with Wil' I repeated time and time again. And enjoyed the relative peace, of a spot of Lunch with my Daughter, at the Fabulous 'Master Chef Deli, a short cycle, with a 5stone human uphill and we'd made it. I had earnt my lunch, and quickly consumed the Calories, that I'd burnt getting there!!

Beep, Beep, .....Beep, Beep. The texts started flooding through. First Wil, saying how F* had gone off with his Step Cousin, and he couldn't find him. Then my lil boy crying, I cant find Will and my cousin lives in the opposite direction!! So I grabbed helmet and keys etc, but first I phoned his Dad, he could drive, he had a car? Then my lil boy called, it's ok Mum i've got a lift home off a mate and his Mum, but by now, it was too late for him. He was gonna get the Wrath of his Dad. EEEEEk, I hate seeing my kids cry but just maybe, he deserved a right bollocking ???

So that's where I'm at.

Brill Rob from West Country Recumbent, has forwarded the photo of Ziggy which is on an Alice Band now, onto Greenspeed. So you never know? International stardom or sponsorship, may not be far away.

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