Monday, 2 May 2011

I am Mary Poppins! with a few vices

An ex FB of mine plus his Son (no relation to me!) even though he's the same age as my Son. Came down for the day from Leeds, offering to put me on his 'Family and Friends' Northern Rail ticket. Ooooh it sounds like fun, for the kids and I? But he forbid me from taking Ziggy??? Which I know I could contend, but it don't seem right as it was a gift.

I've just ridden Ziggy to the Spit, with 5 children!! Bought em a coke each and a few 'pint of chips', a luxurious glass of wine - for me honestly, and now I'm home and happy.

School tomorrow!!!!

How is everyone? I'm sorry DH, my house isn't my own at the moment. It's a youth club. You wouldnt like it.

Liverpool are at home :(


  1. Who says I don't enjoy kids and having fun outdoors, although I'd probably break the trampoline given my weight. It would actually be nice to have kids behaving more 'normally' than mine do for the access visits, and their sullen style - never sending a christmas card or birthday card (or even greetings) but expecting presents and cards for them. I'd enjoy the opportunity of playing. There is a whole detail there about the fact that the Social Work referral (she attacked me) was simply 'lost' or 'forgotten' because she moved to her mother's house in another part of the country (just as well there doesn't seeem to ba a risk of her lashing out at the twins). The whole exercise is almost a re run of the same events a generation earlier, but I ain't happy about that if only I could find ways to recolrd and discuss what is happening. It even seems to be replicated with their cousins being from 2 other broken relationships - with some history.

    Sorry - rant over, I just need someone to talk to on this sort of thing.

    Family-wise I recall from student days that someone reckoned there was no limitation on common law husbands, so you can have as many as you like, as long as they like, and 2 adults on F&F railcard can take up to 4 kids on a train trip.

  2. With thoughts of 6ft 5, bouncing High on the trampolene, should we be scared? or are you the BFG (Big Friendly Giant. With the loud voice)