Saturday, 30 April 2011

Friday and Saturday

My legs/Fred (no connection)/Weddings/Mum/Skate Park/ Stroppy 12 yr olds/Cranberry and Brie Paninni.

Sorry for the very late Fridays Entry.....24hrs!! I was so very tired after cycling 3 miles back from the Skate Park, with my Daughter perched on my panniers, up hill!! in the warm weather. My legs were like concrete last night.

Fred had called at mine earlier to cut my grass, explaining that he was away for most of the summer :( appears the multi talented Ollie (who took his place at Hillsbro was also willing to keep my bush tidy over the Summer :)

No I didn't watch the Wedding. And neither did anyone I know. So why was it soo popular?? I'm lying actually a lot of senile elderly folk, were convinced it was a great excuse for a Knees up (anyone would think it was Albert Square!!) my Mother included. I was really pleased to find my daughter there already visiting, but because she had called straight from town , she had no bike. So we moved onto the Skate Park, with the ill fated BMX ramps. The 2 boys rode confidently and quickly towards home after, leaving me with no other option, but to take D* on my panniers (i know she could have walked!!) But it was a right effort let me tell you. I probably weigh 15 stone and she about 7!! and I only have one strong leg!! that poor leg!!! Ungrateful child had a huge strop on over s'thing and cracked the computer screen last night on her PC, so she's certainly not borrowing mine!!! She thinks I'm joking about borrowing my PC, because I am the trendy slightly crazy Mum at the moment with all my kids friends. Ohhhh the Cranberry and Brie Paninni, I've just rite enjoyed so I have :) After cycling not very far to get it, but at least I did a bit!!!!


  1. Get your cycling leg(s)!

    Glad to see you going so well on all fronts.

    (I am on a buzz as I just had both my folks on bikes with my two on mine all rolling round the local country park AND I got a pass for the Reading CTC ride tommorrow! { 8-)



    This weather does wonders for for me, and a lot of other folk. x