Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm still here, is anyone there though?

Am I wicked, and evil? for being Oh soooo happy because my children were at school. It was fab, I had time to answer all emails, and phone calls. Shit and then I remembered......it was Tuesday!! and not in fact Monday!! 10 mins to the next Tesco bus, I'd missed 2 buses already. I sought the sanctuary of other adults.

It was great, and I'd nicely arranged a meet tomorrow, in Millhouses Park if anyone fancies it at 9.30am. With 3 other Cyclists. We'll all have to dress well :) because one of them is Cycle Chic.

Hey I was gonna cycle on to Esporta, and join there, but I've just heard tonight that Virgin Active have bought Esporta. So I'm thinking, if I hang on it may be cheaper??

Hey my 8 year old has just tried to give ME a lesson on why lubricant is neccersary on Condoms!!!


  1. Because nobody likes friction burns???
    I've seen lubricant available for mounting bike tyres but haven't tried it.

  2. If only they could make inner tubes that thin (weight savings) and electronically test them for holes. BS3704 trumps BS6102 ?