Saturday, 16 April 2011

I love my wee boy

I woke this morning, was not in the best of moods, I just wanted some 'Me' time, 2 cycle to my Mums, and just laze about. How shocking!!!But my children had other ideas, My wee girl who's 12 going on twenty! was off celebrating her new found freedom (new found because she's at Secondary School, and every things a different ball game!!) with her mates, to Meadowhall. Now every other weekend, it's tough for me, :) I mean my son, because his buddies from next door go to their Dads. So I take off my my various hats, and grow daredevil horns, and behave like an impetuous fool at times. Today was no different but with the consequence of a BMX ramp, 16 stitches, numerous visits to the Nurse, still fresh in my brain from 15 months ago. I set out to the 'Bunny Hop' bike jumps, giving my poor 8 going on 80 year old boy, strict instructions, that no matter how much I protested, he must NOT let me ride them! We set off for them, and I toyed with the idea of letting my Boy ride there on the Roads, but I'm really glad I didn't, because he nearly got run over twice, and that was just crossing the road!! Once there, it was like a big adventure again, first we had to get the cycles through a whole in the fence, and then mmmm strange one?? but I had to 'limbo' through the gap, stop laughing!!. Once there I was faced with a steep dirt track, but realised I was safer and more stable on Ziggy than on my 'Pins' Plus I remembered that it was Ziggys predecessor, that didn't have mountain drive gears, (actually ideal for this) that I had had the horrific accident on. So I glided up the dirt track with incredible ease :) There were about 6 lads, all were good, and I'm pleased to say they all had helmets, that fitted perfectly, and were much lower than my sons. What's the point in me kicking off about traumatic brain Injury, making him wear a helmet if it doesn't even fit him. With that thought, we went straight to Bike Tree, which wasn't very far. Bloody Hell though, the only one they'd got that fitted correctly was £32!! What could I do? Supposing, I put off buying one, and he had an accident on the way home? It was like the 'Emperors new clothes' because, I'm sure he was braver? when we visited the Bunny Hops, again. Ahhhhh all the way home, he kept saying 'Best Mum, ever' :)x

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