Saturday, 9 April 2011


Awww Kev, if you have a say in who goes to the Cycle Show....'Pick me, Pick me' :D Also Steve was gonna do a Dvd for Hillsborough, well hows about Tony (brain Injured guy, who came on Thursday) and Myself, speak whilst the Special School, and Autism Plus, cycle and have fun. I had vowed and declared that I definately, didn't want to be seen in the video. But for the benefit of Hillsborough, I will. I just don't want folk saying 'Oh it's her again!!!' type of thing. I think he's got some massive news about Hillsborough, just bursting to escape, :).......:( I am sooo torn as to whether to apply for this job or not? being an advocate for the Social, Health and disability 21 hours a week. It started off by me describing the job, to an old friend, trying to pursuede him to go for it. And I just thought maybe? Because despite Steves assurances, well Hillsbro, won't be the same, without him.


  1. Go for it!

    PS New big font working { 8-)


  2. Ahhh thank you. I'd rather cycle, and not be paid. But it won't be the same, so I'm wondering if I owt to move on.

    I like big font too. (watch it not work!!!)

  3. Why can't we just have a category of 'sustained' Not employed and not free labour (a sucker) but much the way the old village society used to make sure their old and infirm lived with dignity and never had to worry about where the next penny comes from.

    Take care with all this high stuff - the normal world is just bobbing along to land back on.

    If the taxis are getting tricky we will need to work on the trains and trams - yes I know its another big step but even as a backstop it could be that handy ace up your sleeve.