Thursday, 14 April 2011

:) in love with the world

Hi Pete, loved the video, thanx for that. Ey the music brought back memories too. Hillsbrough was fab, I arrived 30mins late because of child care really. Got straight into it, with Fred and a couple of young 'wipper snap' boys, who were obviously wearing their grand parents out. We did limit their time a bit, as they were obviously capable of riding 2 wheelers, but hey where ever poss, we try to accommodate. Next it was Majory, who had a range of debilitating conditions, as she clung to the netting at the side of the ball court, you could tell she wasn't confident. Fred disappeared with her husband. to choose a suitable trike for her, and a 2 wheeler for him. They return, with a low rider, a sensible choice as she had said that Ziggy would be much too low for her. Marjorie got on the trike, as her husband obviously relished the memories, and freedom that riding the 2 wheeler was giving him. After she'd circled the court a couple of times, Marjorie hesitantly followed me out the ball court. When half way round, I asked her hop she felt? she told me one word, .....FREE. I did a couple of rounds of the park (5) with this guy, who had decided to learn to ride a bike aged 65, what a star. Another young woman came, who only managed a couple of rotations, but it was a couple more than last week apparently :) We all headed back for a spot ogf lunch. I had brought some nice healthy cake again, :) One O'clock came all too soon, I had barely said Hello to the afternoon Cycle group, who I'm really getting to know. (Ido love everyone I know, actually) I went another couple of spins round the park, with the 65 year old, and on my way back I bumped into Tony, (the guy who like me has a brain Injury) I am so glad he returned, I just hope, he gets the benefit of FREEDOM, that we've all felt today. I came straight home, because my taxi driver had left my flag at home, so I wasn't gonna risk coming home in the traffic without it. And besides I had a lovely friend, who I adore waiting for me :)

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