Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bliss :)

I am a very lucky lady indeed, I don't want my life to change. My youngest slept next door last night, so that he could be there bright and early, this morning, To go on a bike ride to the latest place .....'The Bunny Hops' it's a minature version of the massive 'Monkey bumps'. That I used to ride, when I was his age!!! and they are still there!! Despite numerous attempts to flatten them by the council. Thing is when I used to go I had a really 'girly' heavy duty road bike, with a shopping basket even!! I asked him when he came back if he could take me? ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, ARE YOU GOING NEAR!!! was his reply :) Anyway bless him he's gone again this afternoon with his Dad, Ahhhh 'I'm rite proud so I am. ' Fingers crossed that it's a large one :) I presume it's hot, where you are? It's perfect here, about 22 degrees, is that Centigrade or the other? (I've just tried to spell the other, and it ended up wi about 50 letters) Anyway the reason I'm so happy? I've just cycled to my Mums and back, my gears were fab, I had absolutely no comments apart from really nice ones. :) I am so proud to cycle.

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