Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hi And Thanks

What a Fab day, and hopefully enlisted a few unsuspecting 'wanna be Cyclists'. I say enlisted but really I mean Welcomed, and Educated???? folk to a really welcoming Society of folk, who are 'in the main' unmaterialistic and extremely kind and supportive.

Mike who first got in touch with me because he stumbled upon my blog. Is doing Lejog 2011, his blog name is Hotmedog, and try as I have!!!!1 I can't copy a link to his blog, so I'm afraid you will have to google it/him. Was there today, ahhh in fact he came to find me on hearing reports, that I was 'lost'. I was secretly enjoying all the attention, I was getting :) People love Ziggy.

The stall today was made up of various people, who were all connected with the CTC in some way whether that be on the Sheffield and NE Derbyshire rides, Learn to Ride Days, Cycle 4 Health or Cycling For All. Proving that Cycling really is for all.

On Wednesday the 27th of April, Dave (Santa) and I are meeting in Millhouses Park Cafe, if anyone wants to join us?? xx

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