Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hi Manish Steel Works?????

I think I've reached the right decision??? I've not heard back from British Cycling about my request for a trike to borrow, but I heard more and more about what the folk involved with Darnall were thinking. And I wasn't really comfy with it. So I sent out a blanket email withdrawing my interest, and reaffirming my support for Hillsborough. But gave relevant phone numbers to people. I know I'm a bit shit really, but if you understood my motives, they are quite honourable, I just don't want to publicly dish another. So I'm again looking for ways to fund my transport to Hillsbrough, plus I've been let down a bit for tomorrow again. Anyway Hi to MSW ? nice to get your message of encouragement? support? I'm going visiting my Ma tomorrow on the way home, and then I'll cycle back from Henliegh Hall. Spoke wi Steve M to tell him I wasn't supporting Darnall, we covered a lot of ground this am. Some of which will become more evident later. I have loved this week, doing very little. I had my pc fixed and all the time, I was blaming myself for being inept? and all trhe time it was running on 1.5gb instead of 5, or s'thing? It cost me £40 but it was worth it, just to proove ~I wasn't quite as dense as I had thought. Also he offered me a job, but do you know what I declined!! It was selling his Cooperative services. A little bit like the skills bank stuff, I'm doing with ASC. I'm pleased with the decisions I've reached this morning, and why?

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