Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fat Lazy Git

I spent most of my day writing, and sleeping.

Met Paul at 6, (from Northern Rail) at the Mohul, so I cycled there, (not very far let me tell you!!) Ate like a humongous Pig, and struggled back, with Paul. It feels good because I know longer cling to his arm like a limpet!!! I beat him home, every time!!!

I've printed some grovelling letters off, for Paul to drop into Northern Rail, in the hope of some kind person, looking favourably on the bigger picture and benefits of me continuing at Hillsborough. But sometimes I am my own worst enemy, for not taking my own advice, because just sometimes, I think how can I be so selfish and want money, for doing s'thing I really enjoy. Atleast I've got food, and a bed at night. And I'm not a starving fluffy kitten!!

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