Friday, 20 May 2011

Some Old Faces

I don't mean, old as in Aged :) Sonia, and Howard (my super hero who mends punctures) Both arrived to take CFH, which was good and bad, because it proved they weren't relient on me being there, and the usual group, needed 2 people. Or it could just mean that I'm not very good :( Only about 5 showed this week though)

Half way through the session, a young woman was looking fed up, so I asked Sonia, if we could cycle round the Park together, I felt very apprechiate, because it was apparent that the young woman really enjoyed the individual attention.

Dave and Freds Place in the Inclusive Cycling, he's great Dave :)

My usual fav group arrived, that was Autism Plus, I did my usual High Fives with Ian because he likes that :) It's really good, because I know all of their names now, it makes it all so personal. It wasn't the usual staff though :( Another group arrived from A +, and I knew the staff better, which macde for a bit of a jolly. Meanwhile, the lady from CFH asked if she could stay with me and A+....?? ' Of course you can' was my reply. mI'm not actually sure that was ok, but I just want her to enjoy her times Cycling.

:D I'd actually brought some Lemon Slices and some Spotted Dick today, for us all to tuck in to. Which did provide some rude jokes and all the inuendos started tripping out, from Russell (Hi Russ) which was exactly why I'd brought it!! I've only just got the one about Billy Goats cheese!!! It made me blush ;)

I sent a line to nice folk who might consider me carrying the Olympic Torch, as a good thing, if nowt else it might draw attention to Inclusive Cycling? But hey I'm not sure if any of them actually will. I also nominated Steve M, because he's been there from the very beginning (poor bugger) he's had me phone him nearly everyday, seeking a cheerful banter. And of course he set up Hillsborough, which is now so important to me.

I'm late doing this, I'm just off to 'Write Way' See ya later. x

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