Thursday, 12 May 2011

Quickie :)

* I worked with Dave Bocking today, who was the original blog master :) So well done Dave, because what a fantastic thing the Blog is......well writing it anyway :) And I just sat in Ziggy admiring a genius at work, he is an absolute pleasure to watch take a session.

Only 5 for CFH and 1 extra learning to ride.

I worked with the 5 and then joined Sylvia, who just wasn't terribly confident. But she'll get there :)

Autism Plus arrived, with news that Stephen a 60 year old client (eek I hate using that term, but I don't know what he'd prefer?) walked about the Centre Brandishing A Cycling 4 All leaflet, with me on, saying 'She's my friend She is' :)

Just found out about an Enterprise thingy, for folk with Disabilities.

Sheffield Homes were having some training in another building by some folk from the CTC, who acted very Officious, and didn't come to say Hi. Which we thought odd.

I am really fond of that group, and one was feeling cak, and normally it might have brought me down :( But hopefully he left feeling a little better?? because I was feeling fab, 1) because of Bocking, 2) I'm going to Weymouth tomorrow. 3)
I'ts writing group in the morning. 3) It's a secret ;)

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