Sunday, 22 May 2011

Windy City....

You know me, never backwards, about coming forwards, and all that? I text ed Lawrence ;) and said, today.....or June!! To my delight, we met for 3hrs!!! He is quite similar to me, in the fact that he's nearly normal!! (Gosh he'd kill me if he read this!!) I mean he hasn't got Spanners and nuts and bolts, falling from his head or owt!!! and he has a gorgeous Border Terrier, I've volunteered to be her boarding kennel, should he ever need to go away.

I called into see my Mum, on the way back, I remember when that used to be such an arduous journey, to my Mums or beyond, and it is so easy now. Will I ever think of the journey to Esporta as been that easy? I've only cycled it once!!

The dust blew up in my face on the way back, quite a few times. It wasn't an easy ride, a Silver BMW crawled up my back side, and then made a go for it on the straight, but he hadn't bargained for this red van coming quite so fast, none of it was my fault but I would have felt so responsible, if the 2 of them hadn't just managed to miss each other.

I'm off to B IRRP tomorrow :)

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