Monday, 9 May 2011

Sunday and Monday

My days are numbered, and quite busy, so when my little boys wrist was still hurting from too much....jumping over the river!! in the forest on Saturday Evening. The law of averages defined the inevitable. I had said, 'There, There let's see how it is in the morning??Fortunately, it was his Dads day for the pleasure of the kids, soooo, on a day when there were no buses, in the am and he hadn't got the car. He willingly took him to hospital for an X ray. They couldn't be 100% either way, at the hospital. But the fact that he couldn't move it, made them air on the side of caution I think. So they used a 'Splint' with Velcros.

I say numbered, Do you know what I'm on about? I'm going to Weymouth on Friday for the CTC AGM and Dinner. and stopping at Wendy Creeds Dads. It's a big thing me catching the train etc :) Once at St Davids in Exeter, she's picking me up, on her way from home. We're hoping to meet up with Graeme Wilgress, whose doing a mammoth ride around the coast of Britain. Baring this in mind, I had to go and buy some 'Clobber'. I really struggle because I can't dress my age!! I had to ask for the shop assistants advice, on telling her my idea, she looked a bit shocked, and replied 'But we only have Ladies, in this shop' :D I took her advice, so if I don't look comfy that's why? I bused it and cycled home.

This morning I enquired to a few organizations, regarding funding for my individual plight to help me continue at Hillsborough. I just casually dropped into conversation, that I was meeting with Richard Webb, in Millhouses Park tomorrow afternoon. :) It's amazing the effect a bit of names dropping can have :) Apparently he is the man to ask though!! But I didn't want to meet him at 4pm, as it means cycling home in the rush hour!! The things I do for cycling ;0)because I agreed in the end, so hangfire for tomorrows blog because, I'm sure there will be a tale to tell.

In the morning, I'm going to CFH at Endcliffe Park (where it all started for me) I'm trying to get Lawrence, and Matt to come to CFH? and then depending on time I might get my taxi to drop me at Esporta, because it's nearer Millhouses Park, than home.

Hey and then Wednesday??? Remember Horace? He's coming to 'Sign me off' Which I've agreed to as long as he doesnt want me to gush (verbally) about 'Floating Support'

Ahhh Nigel phoned me from his sick bed, poor thing he sounded dreadful.


  1. Better give you a short shopping list then. My Grandad used to own the Royal Oak at Bere Regis and so I have an old stamping ground around Weymouth. First place I went for a walk on my own (aged 4) and sent my folks into a panic.

    Still you must get some Dorset Knob biscuits Lovely crunchy things. Presumably the via Exeter bit means you get a direct train from Sheffield. They are meant to have a trolley service but I'd advise that you take your own supplies just to be on the safe side (the Saturday night trains North had the buffet (officially) shut up shop at Leeds leaving 3 hours to travel on to Edinburgh with nothing (or make a nice little profit from selling your spare juice cartons).

  2. Definitely take sandwiches and drink for the train. No mucking about either, a proper pile of nice sarnies and a couple of liters of finest Sheffield tap or you will find yourself shelling out. Muesli bars don't melt, nor do crisps or oranges.
    Don't forget a cream tea!