Saturday, 28 May 2011


Hey, I was a SKYPE virgin? But no more....:) and it was quite painless, and comfortable. I had no beginners nerves, it just kind of happened ;)

If anyone wants to gently enter me, (too rude) on to their contact list, Im cardouglas10

It was the guy who owns Greenspeed, so a true Star, in my eyes. Anyway he couldn't pay for me to continue Hillsborough, although he thought it a worthy cause. So he's sending me a couple of t shirts, with Ziggies on.

Nice day spent in town, with a cycle just to catch the bus, lunch wi my lil boy. I got 12 copies of the Pic, of CFH group that was taken on Thursday. So I can give everyone one. Well it was sooo cheap, like 30pence a pic, so I felt like being nice.

Ooooooh bugger, I've just got a nawty letter, eeeek about my SDS payments, asking for receipts.....Oops!!!....1 years worth though!!!

Dave Holidays just popped in on his way home :)

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  1. Thanks for the coffee and chat, you never know who will turn up or when at your place.

    Your Tri-ara looks great even on my loaf (posing with mirror). I know a few folk who might want to borrow it for events, and the size is just right (I thought it was much larger from those first photos).

    Presumably you are just using speech skype Heaven help those guys in Oz when they get a webcam picture as well.

    I'll forgive your spelling - blame the computer, obviously not recording the right letters in the right order.