Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I am soooo tired!!!

Urrrgh at 8.30am Steve CTC phoned.... I knew this meant only one thing, he was gonna have to let me down Thursday :( And yep, I was right. So not only could I not take my trike, but I had to promote Hillsborough and the Wheels For All Cycling, and the CTC. Which I've only known about for a week!!! But everyone has been so helpful, in supporting me to go solo tomorrow, I just hope nobody lets me down. I've got folk printing me posters off, taking them, by hand to somewhere else, so someone can give me them tomorrow!! Steve's calling at 8 to drop off some freebie pencils. And remember I couldn't include Rony Robinsons interview in my college stuff? Well Hannah (not too sure what she is?) from my SDS work, has transcribed it all for me. How lovely is that?????

It was warm and stuffy, in the classroom at Brockwood today. And what a really nice group of Social Workers I worked with, (I'm a right creep, arent I?) I hope you all do ok. And yet again I was given a budget of 17 000, and infact I only get 4500!!! I must get round to asking for a review.

I can't write any more, I'm too tired, I'm going for a shower, because I smell!!! :)

Love everyone, but I'm very sleepy. I wish I knew, what to do tomorrow, and I wish Steve could hold my hand.

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  1. Just get up - the rest will fall in to place.

    Pity we cannot tempt you to ride - the Sheaf flows down to the Don from Dore, or depending on when you are going in there is the train from Dore, but that would be a leap of faith job I guess.