Saturday, 15 May 2010

A New Day

Well at least, I know that my beloved Steve is as much in the dark as me sometimes, which helps me feel totally vindicated in being cross yesterday. And I'm so sorry to be vague, you will have to ask me personally, if you wanna know what I'm ranting's not too exciting.

I woke up this morning, :) on the settee!!! I didn't drink, I just remember saying to my children, that I was too tired to move, 'Great Can We Sleep In Here, Mum?' next thing I knew it was morning, and my children had covered me with quilts and things, on the settee :) Bless em.

I had been invited onto an adapted bikes maintenance course, but I kinda figured I must try and keep one day sacred for my children. So I passed on that.

Instead I cycled to the shops and bus stop. (But that's no big deal, anymore, is it? You want sweat, and tears.)

Hey, I'm meeting Mr Potts, for a bike ride. And I'm cycling to meet him, that's big for me, it's at the local train station. And I'm really excited :) How old am I? :D

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