Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Is there any wonder, I didn't want a man to make me sad again? I love my friends and all the many contacts I have.

Shock of the morning was that my beloved Pat the Tesco bus driver, that has become my Tuesday friend. Is going into hospital for an operation on his back, and can't drive, for the forseeable :(

Julie Andrews came with me to catch the party bus to tesco, we called for a new neighbour to see if she fancied joining us. As I imagine being heavily pregnant, she doesn't get out much. (did I sound condescending? ooops, unintentional honest) Awwww it wasn't the same without Pat though.

I am so grateful, to Nigel West and the Health Champions Consortium, that he runs in Sheffield. Because I'm always going cap in hand wanting funding, for taxis to transport Ziggy and myself, to various places. Including York, and overnight accommodation etc. He has given me a budget of £250.00 a month, for expenses. And It's up to me and my judgement how I use that money. I did promise not to buy those trainers, I've got my eye on :)

Anyway, I sat down and researched a bit, and got myself invited to a NHS volunteer presentation, on the 4th of June. Hopefully, I can take Ziggy and do you know what I aint phased at all. I excitedly phoned Steve to tell him and he picked up the phone sounding glum, to be honest :( And I was all excited, and needed him to say, 'there there, didn't you do well' Instead he just listened to me gibbering excitedly, then said I always made him smile.......I think that was a compliment!!!

So unselfishly it's been a fab day. On the personal front, it's been ok too, having cycled to school, I cycled back behind my daughter who was exemplary on her bike.

Rosie the Gerbil, was a little better after the panic yesterday. But it is a bit like De ja vous, she is walking about in circles, atleast she's walking, and running unlike poor Spike. Who was barely alive for 3 days. :(

I'm working tomorrow, which I do enjoy :)


  1. Ah so would you be willing to help me with my research? At university I gave up girlfriends in 1972 - and went around with ladyfriends instead The great thing is that you can tell a ladyfriend that you are going to see another ladyfriend - just try that with a girlfriend! You might therefore be in a good position to report the mirror image state, and help in discussing the wide range of interpretation of a cuddle.. or a big hug...

    You'd like what I was doing today - at a conference on improving the passenger experience of railways and I actually got some DfT people who deal with access promising to look at the concept of inclusive cycling, especially when I gave the example of the reduced cost of Carolines to the state.

  2. Ey nice one Dave!!! I'm just off to my S.S thing now, where yet again, I will be marked on my needs 3 years ago. Lets see what they come up with today.

    The afore mentioned subject? Mmmm depends if your 'girl friends' were just that. Or were they infact the original f* buddies? But even if they were 'fb', I suppose that should have been ok. But every fumbler/fumbled has their individual conditions.

    I'm struggling wi my Mr P, at the mo. He'll only take me to York, if we're booked into seperate hotels.

  3. I think we need to work on the concept here - there's fumblings and there's poetry of movement - discuss....

  4. Ooooooooooh Dave, I'm blushing I couldn't possibly say :)