Thursday, 24 March 2011

Where do I begin???

To tell the story of ? How great a love can be.......

I'm speaking about a 'Love' between myself and my Wheels. After speaking with a guy about possibly writing my Autobiography? Who incedently thought it was a fantastic idea (he likes my Carry On/Barbara Windsor/Benny Hill/Frankie Howard style of very immature writings)About a book,written by myself, with the help of other Cyclists with a range of disabilities. All writing a chapter per Character??? I think it's good :) don't humour me though, what do you think?

I hit on this idea, after Steve Marsden (CTC) directed me to a book by Robert Penn, which is on order. The books called It's all About A Bike. Well what about It's all about a Trike. I don't expect it to be a Block Buster, but talk about raising awareness of Inclusive Cycling.

I woke this morning, and had a text saying my taxi had broken down :( To be honest, my head really hurt, I did try another taxi. But there were non willing to take my Ziggy (that would definately fit) So no Hillsborough today :(

Post arrived with the usual bills etc..Oh yeah :D Remember Cold Metal Umbrella?? I got the all clear, for another 4 years? I lay down on the settee, dosed up with Paracetamol. And phoned Kev Hickman ICF fame, and told him about the book idea. Apparently he'd been nominated for CTC Volunteer Of the year :) Who by ????? I wondered ;)

Rather unexpetantly I got a second postal delivery, and in it was an invite to the CTC AGM and Dinner, where the results of Volumteer Of The Year will be announced. Because Steve Marsden had nominated me, ahhhhh, I am very proud that he thinks I'm worthy, but a little bashful because I know and really appreichiate how much more Kevin does.


  1. I'd reckon that you are having an affair with your tyred lover, - almost a manage a trois.

    Or maybe as a group exercise you could all write about your "Getting a 'significant other' in my life"

    It would certainly make a good vehicle for fundraising and there are quite a few people who could provide for several chapters.

    You might find that a block of foam and a couple of straps would make it possible for Ziggy to go on the roof of almost any cab - I never use a roof rack to carry bikes on a car as the tyres simply sit on the roof, or a karrimat if one is available.

    Or the idea of getting Ziggy on the 218 bus or the train, and then the tram to Hillsborough, can be worked on if you feel ready to try it sometime.

  2. I've had affairs with 'Tripods' B4!!

    Thing is though there's only 2 in the relationship, with my tyred love.

  3. So all this pimping of Ziggy rides, to any passing trouser I read about is pure fantasy.

    Ziggy should be one of the pin-ups in that calendar you are planning.

  4. Oh and pound to a penny I'll bet its a man who designed that metal umbrella - just like the cars that you cannot open the rear hatch with one hand because you have a baby/shopping in the other and a purse in your teeth....

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