Friday, 25 March 2011

Fab day for it :)

Well fab week really, although to be honest, I seemed to spend more time talking to folk about Cycling.

Awww, my old friend who died on Wednesday? He's getting buried on Thursday :( I may go to Hillsborough till 12.30.

Eeeeeeeeeek, I feel a bit silly, but totally comfortable with the CTCs decision, to give me a Certificate for my Service to Cycling or s'thing?? And not volunteer of the year, as I had thought. How could I be nominated for that, when there are folk regularly organising rides and socials, and stuff. And I only ever do things that I really want to do. But ewwwww, So do the other cyclists, I'm sure ?? And I'm sure I could do more, some days, but I kinda know it will be so seldom. I just don't do it. I just do what I love, nothing more, because I never want cycling to be a huge effort, or a chore. I just want it to remain the joy that it is :)

But I am very ingenuitus I think, now I really don't think, thats a word because it keeps trying to change??? But you all know what I mean? so maybe it is, or should be.

And a mug.....I'm off to the pub...because my kids want to!!

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