Monday, 21 March 2011

So exciting!!!

Hey I did nearly get squashed by an overtaking car, on my way to meet Matt C today, by an overtaking car, who didn't bargain for the side by side cyclists (well he shouldn't have gone!!!!)who were coming towards him. And he obviously thought he'd rather cut me up, than see the terror in his victims eyes!!! Anyway, alls well, so I'm ok, but I bet if there'd have been an accident, he'd have blamed me!!!

I met Matt, in the Cafe, and the poor guy had to listen to my life story, and I swear, he grew weary of my humor, it was all talk of Fred, who meantime was tending to my garden :) We've discovered a tree in my grassy garden, It is a Pussy Willow. Can you imagine how childish I got?? I got very excited talkingh to Matt, When he explained that He'd like me to do a couple of pieces of writing, with Pictures, to go in a type of exhibition, of Brain Damaged Survivors work. Now I did hesitate for a nanoo second, because I don't want anyone saying 'Ahhhh didn't she do well, considering' But big ego trip, he reckons my style of writing and humor, is strong enough, kinda 'Proof in the Pudding?'

Speak to me btw, I'm more exciting tyhan I've ever been????

I know what some of you are thinking....stop it!!!

I spent 2 and a half hours wi Matt, feeling very valued. He said how he hoped to publish a little 'taster' book as a prelude to s'thing more? But I had the idea, of getting it copied in Caligra[phy style( i don't know if that's correct English)

I zoomed on to see my Mum, getting stopped by Andy, a business man out strolling, it was such a lovely day. I was feeling fab!! Anyway a plan was hatched by Andy, (who I'd ne' met before!!)He'd buy a 2 wheeler, and I'd meet him once a week to cycle through the Park. (stop it)

Once home, the gorgeous Fred was cultivating my garden, he asked me oooooh which bush I'd prefer just, did I want a ripe Pair, Ooooh it's Pear!!or some lovely Plums? You know What? I said? I'll have both. :) x


  1. Is it just me or are you channelling both Benny Hill and Frankie Howard tonight?

  2. Theres always one idiot who can't wait 10 seconds, glad u are OK.
    Surely not.
    Go for it.
    Yes you are., I can't.
    Ooo-ur. F'narr f'narr. Missus.

    I think that covers it. { 9-p


  3. Is it Kenneth Moore??? :D Everything was just as I said though, I can't lie and say, Apple!! or Freisha ? Honest x

  4. I went to a recording of a tv panel show years ago and Kenneth Williams was on the panel. He was such a nice guy, whenever they stopped filming he'd wonder over to the audience and start chatting & joking. The others all disappeared backstage and didn't seem to want to know...

  5. You didn't need to know that - ha, too late now!!!

  6. Nah stop mesenabowt

    Goodness me a polone using such risque palare with any omes with a pleasing eek or lallies to vada.