Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Speak when Spoken Too :)

I know I'm gobby at times, and I know I shouldn't presume folk, feel like I do, but....My new strategy in life, is to hang back (usually) and let the other person{s, speak first). Today I managed to do just that,dispute wanting to interject humour, and quips into peoples recitals of how they sustained their own tragic Brain Injury. Not really the place for humour anyway??? Well I still manage to get a few smiles, when it comes to mine, which in actual fact, (I refuse to get competitive,) but....

The whole point of today, was to give Kevan Taylor a bit of insight into, life at HIRC (Head Injury Rehab Centre) Which to be fair, was the first place to use Patient/service User/Survivor/Client Partnership. But that doesn't neccersa.... I've just heard an old friend has died :( Gives me food for thought, it's just a shame that s'one died. Actually about a minute b4, I sent an email out, telling everyone to spare a thought for those suffering from Cancer. And you guessed what Bob died of.

I'm back, just to say remember Wendy Creed, applying for Ass Cycle Training for me? Well, I 'm on the course in April.

Oh, really nice phone call this Morning from Steve M. We spoke for ages about nice things.....:)

What a top idea I've had, I saw this photo of Steve M on a networking site, stripped to the waist, and in cycling shorts, (it did make me blush.. id did.) Why doesn't the CTC do a Calendar for 2012 using the Cycle Development Officers???? I think it would sell well and earn money for the CTC????

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