Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello Jaro :)

Real name Mr Jaroslav Dembinny, who's a lovely guy well....Advisor to the Minister, of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, from Czech Republic. Phew that was a mouthful. Well he did his best bless him to try and get my dvd to run in his pc...but? He listened and smiled at all the right spots, laughing at my jokes which must not have been very funny 3rd hand and via a trans later. I took the usual handful of photos, for everyone to see, just what had become of that little acorn of an idea I had once had which was to learn to cycle, a tricycle. And to do it under the supervision, of Steve Marsden CTC. Because I used my SDS money to get to Endcliffe, as apposed to joining a gym, I eventually became able to fetch my own kids from school, and get my own shopping, it's all history really.

I'm really tired now, I have not been my upbeat self today, and that was due to yesterdays incident. I mean, I encourage folk who wouldn't cope with the 'wicked' side of society, half as well as me!! And listen to me wail like a child.

I received a letter this morning (a reply to a letter I had sent in December 2010!!) From Nick Clegg, I had asked him why I should;d be punished by paying VAT on my Pedal Trike? When if I'd have been driven about in a car, it would have been excluded....bla bla....You know the story. His letter was a forwarded copy from Mr Gauke. Stating there was a 'Wide range of Cars, powered wheelchairs or scooters, complete with Insurance.' Well I'm sorry but fuckin Bully For Me!!, I'm so lucky!"!!

I got a really nice Thank you letter from Richard Webb, Exec Director of Adult Social Care, thanking me for the hard work, I'd put into the Shop Event.He also wants to arrange a cycle with me, which is nice. I thought he'd taken nark since I said I couldn't do when he'd suggested.

I made it clear to all the visiting delegates, that ASC, thought it an unwise use of my budget to buy another trike, after the CTC had purchased Ziggy.

I have been asked to take Ziggy to ASC for a photo shoot, and then quickly do a recording to be used to help folk write support plans, at lunch, and then more photos till 2. So if anyone can fit in round that??

Remember Nigel?? he's noticed how many folk want an inclusive cycling group, other than Hillsborough,.......?? I'm invited to the meeting in April???

Oh...remember the writing group? He's been in touch, and he's looking at the end of April?

Sorry I can't do much on the c, I may improve wi time, but at the moment I'm too lazy I only do the essentials. Which draws me to the conclusion, Night, night. xx

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  1. Clearly you should be writing to Mr Cable and Mr Osborne instead pointing out the feckless generosity of Mr Gauke's colleagues in giving away, or cutting 20% off the price of cars, electric scooters, and offering VED exemption with free insurance to those who can drive or find others to ship them around.

    But come in with something that upsets the system and potentially delivers more for less and you'll wailing and whining that "It can't be done that way" But the real world is scarey and sustainability is about realising there might just be better ways of doing something. Chage will come because this is one genie that they cannot keep in the bottle forever - but being a pioneer can be mighty tough going at times.

    Remember that Ghandi maxim that starts with being laughed at, the hated and then... winning.